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World Health Day 2018

Isn’t health a blessing that we should all pay more attention to since it is our treasure in life? . . . On this note, “World Health Organization” decided to officially celebrate “World Health Day” on April 7 of each year to bring the world’s attention to health-related topics, as well as shedding light on the efforts played by WHO in this regard. WHD has always been centered on a certain theme that gets chosen by WHO, so as to spread medical awareness and guide people to the sound methods of disease and epidemics prevention.

Furthermore, plenty of seminars, workshops, events, activities are held on this day.  One of which; is holding a conference in the presence of physicians to raise awareness and conduct various medical examinations, as well as the participation of major public and sports figures in educational forums, in addition to providing training to volunteers by health providers to deliver medical services.

Last Year, WHO intended to trigger a better understanding of depression, its impact, and how it can be prevented and treated. The campaign was filled with a plethora of workshops and activities so as to encourage people to abolish the stigma associated with psychological disorders and to help more people lessen the devastating consequences of such medical/psychological conditions.