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The Geneva Book and Press Fair 2018

“Every year from late April to early May, the ‘Geneva Book and Press Fair,’ the second largest French-language book fair in the world and the largest in Switzerland, attracts 100,000 fans of the printed word and an impressive 1,000 authors! Over five days, the event brings together readers, writers, publishers, booksellers, and media in a convivial atmosphere where the focus is on pleasure, interaction and the thrill of discovery.”

The fair hosts several exhibitions, one of which is an interactive space for literary creativity, dubbed 'the factory' that was established back in 2015. There will be almost 2,300 events for visitors of all ages, including book signings, interviews, roundtables, public readings, workshops, lectures and various spectacles. It also provides a backdrop for numerous award ceremonies.

The fair will serve as the arena for many unique encounters and exchanges; divided into thematic areas: including a bookshop, a book signing area, a podium for discussions and encounters between authors and their readers. “It will be an occasion to savour all forms and styles of writing, from wellness to Swiss literature, philosophy, comics, African travel writing, books aimed at young people and modern-day 'booktubers'.”

The 32nd edition of the Geneva Book and Press Fair will take place from 25 to 29 April 2018, and the guest of honour of this year will be Valais. The previous editions previously featured Armenia, Morocco, Mexico, Japan, Russia, Tunisia, and Quebec.