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International Solidarity Day

"The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings" - Albert Schweitzer

“What does SOLIDARITY mean to you?” 

Solidarity is taking place today, the 20th of December under the campaign of “What does SOLIDARITY mean to you?”, in order to be alert to our need to fight against poverty and revive the international commitments towards human solidarity. 

 Solidarity can be embedded in: 

  • Reaching Universal education. 
  • Banning Land mines.
  • Fighting terrorism and corruption.

In the spirit of solidarity that the organization relies on, the UN decided to proclaim the 20th of December, to be officially the International Human Solidarity Day and to be celebrated annually in the purpose of raising peoples’ awareness towards the necessity of reaching a global understanding of human values. 

Multiple initiatives, activities, seminars, and speakers are occurred to serve the purpose of this day and covered by different means of media including social media platforms, magazines, and interviews with the event’s speakers. 

Let’s take part in this year’s campaign!

Just #Share your message through posting a 15-second video using hashtag #SolidarityDay, #2getherwith followed by the cause you support.