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International Kolkata Book Fair 2018

Being the world largest non-trade book fair, Kolkata Book fair is also the oldest fair in the world, and it is the third largest after Frankfurt International Fair and London Book Fair. The marvelous success of KBF resulted in the establishment of NewDelhi World Book Fair as well as Siliguri. The fair showcases various books of all genres from all over the world, including books published by Government-run publishing houses.

This year’s edition of KBF will be held from 30 January to 11 February at the Central Park Mela Ground, Kolkata, with its Guest of Honour being France “the center of culture of Europe”. This, in fact, is the third appearance for France as the focal theme country in KBF.

It is also worth noting that KBF is the largest book fair in Asia and is considered the world’s largest book fair by the attendees since it is expected to have around 1.7 million visitors this year. In 2013, nearly 1.9 million book lovers visited the fair and it was extended three more days to allow more bibliophiles to join the fun. Last year, over 80 publishers from 29 countries participated, and many more are anticipated this year.

Throughout the years, the KBF has managed to draw more visitors and managed to maintain its reputable stance, since it targets the public readers, intellectuals, and book lovers above all -without any trading purposes.In addition, it is prohibited to purchase large quantities of the same book unless the purchaser is an educational institution or a school since KBF bans the monopolization of culture.The fair hosts dozens of activities, workshops, and seminars reflecting the core meaning of culture to the public. The fair is marked with a historical significance and often each of the visitors is gifted with a calendar to mark the occasion.