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International Happiness Day- 2019

Happiness is “a fundamental right to everyone”, do you think happiness is to be found in marriage … money… power…. Love… positions….fame!

People are different; each one seeks happiness in different routes and with different concepts. However, happiness doesn’t exist in an object but rather within the one. Anyone can reach it through accepting his/her needs and defects and enjoying his/ her real life. 

Today is such an amazing opportunity to think of your happiness. You deserve to be happy whoever you are. #HappierTogether is this year’s International Happiness Day theme, as it calls all to 'Share Happiness and be Part of Something Amazing'.

Here are general tips on how to find your inner happiness: 


1- Count your Blessings 

We always focus on what we miss or do not have; this creates a feeling of dissatisfaction and depression. Instead, show gratitude towards what you have. 

2- Negative feelings 

Try to identify your emotions, for example: feeling guilty, anxious, (or) shameful. labeling these negative feelings helps you to identify the problem and it unconsciously sends signals to your brain Putting you in control. 

3- Decisions 

Be determined and take decisions with regard to your uncertain issues; for example:
feeling depressed about your weight: join a gym. 

feeling discomfort with your friend: talk to him/her. 

4- Touch

'Man is a social animal' always requires happiness in everything; ”touching releases oxytocin, the love hormone that promotes empathy, trust and relationship building”. Simple acts can help you to be happy like handshakes and back pats, hug each other.


Share your happy moments using these hashtags: #tenbillionhappy, #internationaldayofhappiness, #happinessday, #choosehappiness, #createhappiness, or #makeithappy.