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International Coffee Day-2018

Coffee has emerged- at first- in Ethiopia and it is prevailed in the Arab world from around the 15th century, moving to Asia then to Italy and across Europe and to the Americas.

Are you a coffee lover! Whether your favourite coffee is espressos, Turkish, Americanos, lattes or cappuccinos; iced, decaf, instant or filter.

Join us & #Drink your #cupofcoffee

This event is held annually on the 1st of October by the 77 Member States of the International Coffee Organization (ICO) and thousands of coffee lovers and organizations join the event. The day focuses on referring to the importance of the coffee industry, highlighting the exerted efforts from seeding the planet in the farms till people get it at coffee shops.  

Every year, the ICO selects one theme for the event; it attempts to shed light upon a very different and unique theme this year to celebrate the International Coffee Day. Therefore, this year theme is derived from the need for “Equity and equality” between women and men in the coffee sector. Under the theme of “Women in Coffee”, the International Coffee day of 2018 is launched, reflecting the pivotal role of Women in coffee starting from planting the seeds till drinking coffee as a beloved beverage. 

Now get your cup of coffee & enjoy its benefits: 

  • Coffee boosts heart functions in the elderly
  • Protects you from liver cirrhosis. 
  • Boosts your exercise routine.
  • Can protect you from prostate cancer. 
  • Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes. 

Have not celebrated yet? So let’s #celebrate now

  • It is time to try new flavours of coffee. 
  • Read about the art and science of growing and brewing coffee.
  • Let's have an outing with our friends sharing our favourite cup of coffee
  •  Let us have our coffee cup with our beloved book. 
  • What about going to your favourite coffee shop and taste your desired coffee.