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Halloween 2018

Are you bored with your life-style routine? You want to refresh yourself and have some fun .. Today is a “Golden opportunity”.. Don’t miss it.

As Halloween is the night of costumes, candy, and fun which happens only once a year on the 31st of October, it is an excellent opportunity for people to celebrate and engaged together since this festival is not ordinary like any other festivals. People dress up in a scary manner. People, every year, have to choose where to attend celebrations go for trick-or-treating or stay haunted, in houses. 

Nowadays, Halloween has become the most famous and profitable festival worldwide, specifically in United States of America. The day generates billions of dollars every year through selling of costumes, candy, decorations and even movies with the themes of Halloween.

Halloween celebration was, firstly, established over two thousand years ago in Celtic Ireland by the farmers and moved to USA through the migrants from Ireland and Scotland. The Halloween festival was first known as “Samhain” by Celts farmers, which meant the end of summer days which is the time to forget about the summer and hope for a good productive winter. Celts used to believe that on the 31st of October depicted the day where the after death and life world came into contact with each other and thus, the dead spirits come back alive among the living people!

So let’s eat, drink, and be scary!