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Chinese New Year 2018

Happy New Chinese Year! 2018: Year of the Dog! . . . The Chinese New Year, otherwise known as the “Spring Festival,” happens to be the most awaited traditional social holiday in China. It is found that such festival is attributed to several myths, one of which is that a beast called “Nian” harms and damages buildings on the first night of the year. Based on that legend, Chinese people now wear red clothes and hang red scrolls on windows and doors every year to repel the beast.

Moreover, the celebrations of the festival are reflected in plenty of customs and traditions adopted by the Chinese; some which are that the Chinese families should gather for an annual reunion dinner as a sign of unity and perfection.  The houses must be cleaned so as to welcome good fortune and they shall be decorated in red scrolls, but should not be swept on the first day since it is a sign of the disappearance of wealth. Also, hair and clothes should not be washed on the first two days to avoid losing money. Within the first five days, people are supposed to eat long noodles in reference to the long life and eating dumplings which symbolizes good fortune.