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Casablanca International Book and Publishing Fair 2018

Casablanca International Book and Publishing Fair is one of the most prestigious literary exhibitions in Morocco since it is not regarded as a mere book fair, but it is considered a cultural and social forum to reinforce the economic and intellectual grounds among the participating Moroccan states. The annual event is usually held for ten days. This year, the Ministry of Culture has announced that the fair’s 24th edition will take place between 8 - 18 February. It has been also announced that Egypt will be the Guest of Honour.

The fair is expected to host plenty of events and programs tackling the modern history of Egypt and reflecting the history of Egyptian-Moroccan cultural relations. It is also accustomed that the fair hosts seminars, thematic conferences, poetry readings, debates, and discussions including the cultural and cognitive aspects. Many authors will attend the fair to sign books and meet their fans.

Moreover, the fair is viewed as a unique cultural station on an international and a local level, since it is a platform for the intercultural communication, and it presents the possibility of intermingling the creative and intellectual experiences in the Arab region in order to establish a knowledgeable, well-read community. Egypt and Morocco will be subsequently able to conclude plenty of partnerships in various aspects and reinforce their mutual international relations.

In addition, the fair is characterized by devoting a spacious area for multiple fun workshops for children and launching numerous initiatives and events supporting the children’s book industry in an attempt to encourage children to acquire and read books.