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Cannes Film Festival 2018

The annual "Cannes Film Festival" is one of the most prestigious and anticipated events of the year. Its 71st lineup will take place from May 8-19, 2018, which is the earliest the festival has taken place in more than 20 years. The “Everybody Knows” film was set to open the festival, as well as, competing in the main section, while “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” was chosen to be the closing film for the festival.

Cannes is expected to be populated with Hollywood stars, including this year’s jury: Cate Blanchett (who is only the eleventh woman to serve as president in the festival's 70 year history), Khadja Nin, Lea Seydoux, Ava DuVernay and Kristen Stewart, and the world’s top models who always bring an extra dose of glamour to the red carpet.

Some of the official selection of the films included in the competition are: Everybody Knows, Youmeddine, Ahlat Agaci, Girls of the Sun, Sorry Angel, Knief + Heart, Dogman, Asako I &II, Three faces, Capernaum, Le Livre d’ImageAt War, The Wild Pear Tree, Ayka, Shoplifters, Burning, BlacKkKlansman, Under the Silver Lake, Cold War, Lazzaro Felice, Leto, Lazzaro Felice,  and Ash Is Purest Wife.

It has been announced that there are a set of new rules that celebrities will have to follow; some of which are: “selfies are no longer allowed on the red carpet, {and} no press screenings in advance of the premiere,” also, Netflix films are banned, since no film will be included in the competition unless  it goes under a French theatrical release.

It is also worth mentioning that women’s participation has been a hot issue throughout the previous festival editions, but this year, four additional women names were included in the competition program. This is surprisingly a first for male-dominated Cannes, in fact, Jane Campion is the only woman who won The Palme d'Or in for “The Piano.”

It is been argued that the festival may be losing its power to attract high-profile films. “A cursory survey of past lineups reveals that many films chosen for official selection already have French distribution, which is frequently timed to the days and weeks immediately following the festival. This Phenom illustrates not only the way French companies leverage Cannes for publicity but also the enormous influence they wield over the selection of such films in the first place — nowhere more evident this year than in the exclusion of Netflix from competition.”

The jury will announce the winners on Saturday, 19 May during the Closing Ceremony.