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Cairo International Book Fair 2019

“A book is a gift where you can open again and again”

In its 5oth edition, Cairo International Book Fair was launched yesterday and president Sisi inaugurated it yesterday, the 22nd of January celebrating its Golden Jubilee. This year, it is held in Ard el-Maared, Nasr City from the 23rd of January till the 5th of February. 

The Arab League is chosen to be the guest of honour of the book fair as well as the figures of the 50th edition are great writer and ex-Minister of Culture, Tharwat Okasha, and late great writer Soheir al-Kalamawi. 


Minister of Culture Inas, Abdel Dayem declared that 35 countries are taking part in this book fair, including 10 African countries, 16 Asian countries, 7 European countries and 2 from the Americas.

In addition, she expressed that to 579 publishers, 62 of which are participating for the first time while 517 participated in previous editions, reaching a total number of 723 displays and sales outlets. The fair hosts dozens of activities, workshops, and seminars reflecting the core meaning of culture and knowledge to the public, in addition to increasing the number of books dedicated to children. Moreover, many renowned authors will be present to meet enthusiastic bookworms, and sign books.