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Cairo International Book Fair 2018

“The books industry in Egypt is the core of its soft powers because it is the origin of all kinds of art.” In its 49th edition, Cairo International Book Fair was launched yesterday with such a success! Having 17 Arab countries and 10 foreign ones participating in it, as well as about 144 new publishing houses that will showcase their books, in different genres and languages, for all ages, which is considered a significant increase in numbers in comparison to last year’s participants.

In addition, Algeria has been chosen as the guest of honor this year, after Egypt was chosen as the guest of honor for a similar fair in Algeria last year. Furthermore, the late veteran writer Abdel Rahaman El-Sharakawy was named “Person of the year” since he had a major role in the renewal of religious discourse in addition to being a renowned theatrical writer. 

The CIBF will take place until 10 February, and will host a vast variety of activities for the first time, such as establishing theaters, cinema, and fine arts halls, in addition to increasing the number of books dedicated to children. Moreover, many renowned authors will be present to meet enthusiastic bookworms, and sign books. 

Overall, CIBF is a real treat for bibliophiles and anyone interested in the book trade and publishing; it is a platform that gathers intellectuals, writers, publishers, and book lovers, from all over the world, bringing them all together as a part of one cultural, educational arena. 

For more information about the fair, you can visit the official website:

Cairo International Book Fair