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British Science Week- 2019

The “British Science Week” which is organized by the ‘British Science Association’ is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering, and math. It takes place from 8– 17 March 2019.

It is meant to open people’s eyes to the wonderfulness of science in our lives. This year the ‘British Science Association’ is partnered with the Operation Weather Rescue, in order to try to unlock questions about our weather and changing climate. The event is composed of a vast number of events, activities, and competitions in order to motivate students to participate.

During this week, anyone is welcome to take part in the event by organizing a workshop or an activity (starting with schools, major organizations or parents.) It aims hugely to organize STEM events across the UK (A STEM event is an event of hands-on science, math, and engineering activities for students and families to complete together). Such events capture people’s interest in science and offer science lovers a chance to open direct discussions with scientists.

This year’s project is “Operation Weather Rescue”; although this project has been run twice before, this is the first time, it focuses on the very earliest weather records produced in the UK.

The BSA and Operation Weather Rescue have marked two decades’-worth of historically significant data to include the period of 1860-1880. The public are joining to “transcribe this data from handwritten weather reports from the period into a computer programme to build a picture of how the weather in that period changed over time”.


This project is extremely challengeable since the better understanding of patterns in this historic weather will definitely take part in building “a more accurate picture and look at implications for climate change today”.

Consequently, people’s engagement is part and parcel and important contribution, since it will provide a profound help to scientists to figure out what’s coming!