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Beirut International Arab Book Fair-2018

The book Fair kicks off today, the 1st of December with the participation of a huge number of authors. It is held by the Arab cultural Club.

This year event is more significant since it emphasises the fact that although Lebanon confronted serious repercussions resulted from the war, it never ignores or gives its back to “books and culture”. Thereby, This year's fair confirms that reading in Lebanon and the Arab world is alive and well,”  

The event is served as a rich opportunity for libraries, schools, literacy organizations, book reviewers as well as parents to highlight the best information and narrative non-fiction books for children and to show how it’s not just fiction that can be read and enjoyed for pleasure. This manifested in the huge number of books and publications presented in the bookfair, including “fiction, children’s books, art books, business and non-fiction, history, books by small and regional publishes, and a special section on books for and about food and cooking”.