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Alexandria International Book Fair 2018

“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.” . . . The "Alexandria International Book Fair" returns this year, in its 14th edition, as popular as it ever been with book lovers, and volunteer work enthusiasts, as it provides a great chance for undergrads and school students to be a part of the event. All bibliophiles will enjoy the magic the fair will bring, with all the books it will showcase, in different genres that will appeal to everyone’s taste.

In collaboration with the General Egyptian Book Authority, the Library of Alexandria draws the world’s attention to Alexandria through such a distinguished fair. It is unparalleled since it is devoted for installing culture and knowledge only, and that’s why distributors are prohibited to participate in it; as it is only open for authors, writers, intellectuals, and publishers.

The annual event tackles a new theme each year, as well as choosing a different guest of honor. Last year, “Lebanon” was the chosen country. In the same edition, the fair shed more light on the history of the Lebanese people in Egypt, especially businessmen and investors. The program was centered on the “Dialogue of cultures”.

Furthermore, the fair this year will run from March 31 to April 9 in honor of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, emphasizing the solid relationship between the Kingdom and Alexandria. Multiple publications of the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information (MCI), as well as the publications of the Saudi Publishers and cultural production, will definitely be available at the fair.  Additionally, the Saudi MCI is organizing a special exhibition about Mecca, and Medina, for the first time in Alexandria.

The fair will be focusing mainly on the future culture in the Arab world, and the heritage history of Sinai and its program includes plenty of activities and seminars including several workshops for encouraging children and young adults to read and acquire books. There will also be book-signing events for several writers, and cultural activities highlighting the prominent Alexandrian figures. It is also worth noting that the fair will hold a seminar entitled “Alexandrian Women,” to highlight some outstanding success stories.