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"This is Not Art" Festival- 2018

“Creativity takes courage” - Henri Matisse

Today, Newcastle is hosting again This Is Not Art to celebrate its 21st anniversary; This is not Art is one of the most incredible festivals all over the world since it serves a platform for all singers, artists, dancers, performers, musicians, writers, and thinkers to innovate and present new creative works to their audiences. 

If you don't know anything about “This is Not Art(Tina)” festival, it is your chance this year to Try!

So let’s know more about our free annual national festival for this year; This is Not Art is a festival that permits its participants to go beyond all the boundaries and surprise the audience with the most creative works the one could ever perform. 

This festival takes place since 1998 since it is stemmed originally from National Young Writers Festival and National Student Media Conference. In fact, Octapod produces the festival yearly in partnership arts collectives and organisations from across Australia. Additionally, the festival derived its name from a piece of graffiti on what was Newcastle's tallest building as well as it reflects what the festival is including far away from the traditional festival occurred in Australia. 

This year, thousands of participants are gathered from all over the world sharing gorgeous ideas and works. The festival includes plenty of workshops, seminars, panel discussions, performances, and even parties. This meets like-minded creative potential collaborators. The festival will include many panels and parties such as: “Tina talk: Curiosity”, “Digital Monkeys”, “Stay and Be Still” performance, “Give and Take: A Full Circle Effect” “Vengayam”.

Art has no definition; each of us defines it according to his/her perspectives, emotions, and desires. Although we all love “Art”, it is special and unique to everyone; it is the mirror of the one’s real inner personality.