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The Girl on the Train

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The Girl on the Train is a mystery and suspense novel by Paula Hawkins.  The novel will definitely change the way you look at other people’s lives. The story is a first-person narrative told from the point of view of the three primary female characters – Rachel, Anna, and Megan, – and the events surrounding Megan’s murder that will finally bring the lives of the three women together. The focus is Rachel, a miserable alcoholic who shares an apartment with her friend Cathy. Rachel takes the train to work in London, and every day the train passes by her old house. Rachel creates an imaginative world for a fascinating couple she sees breakfasting on their deck each morning. She got emotionally engaged in their life as she sees it a perfect one when compared with the life she recently lost after her divorce. 

Doesn’t know their real names, Rachel nicknamed the happily married couple Jess and Jason. The couple, whose real names are Megan and Scott, live a few houses away from her ex-husband and his new wife Anna. One day, Rachel discovers that Megan is having an affair with a man other than her husband, she then wondered how someone could cheat on someone as seemingly perfect as Megan’s husband. The next day, Megan goes missing, Rachel is sure that the man she saw cheating with Megan is behind her disappearance. Few days later, Megan was found dead; she is revealed to have been pregnant, and her unborn child was fathered by neither Scott nor Kamal. The Novel ends with a surprise when Tom Rachel’s ex-husband has turned out to be behind Megan’s murder and the father of her unborn child, he was also discovered to be the main reason behind all the deterioration Rachel went through from the beginning of the novel. 

Time has passed. Rachel now takes the train again but sits in a different seat, on the opposite side overlooking the Hudson instead of the neighborhood that she used to live with Tom, and that Megan used to live with Scott. Rachel now seems healthy and sober. The Girl on the Train has been compared frequently to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, as both novels employ unreliable narrators and deal with suburban life. The Girl on the Train has occupied the number one spot of the UK hardback book chart for 20 weeks, the longest any book has ever held the top spot. The novel was turned into a movie in 2016 directed by Tate Taylor.